Our Story

Bazelet HaGolan Winery was established in 1998, after years of home winemaking by Yoav Levy.
The winery is located by a grove and a magical water source overlooking the Sea of Galilee. The secret of the place lies in the fertile and rich basalt soil, the area’s unique climatic conditions, and the natural and meticulous production processes.
The winery produces exquisitely delicious wine from noble grape varieties. After fermentation, the wine is kept unfiltered in oak barrels to improve its taste and aroma.
The Bazelet HaGolan winery currently produces about 80,000 bottles a year.
The winery logo depicts an ancient coin portraying Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility, the father of rejoicing, and the endless celebration of life. Bazelet HaGolan winery embodies this joyful spirit.

80000 bottles a year
750 meter height
100 dunams of vineyards
22 Years of wine production

Our Vineyards

All of Bazelet HaGolan’s grapes – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay – are grown in the rich basalt soil of Israel’s Golan Heights’.
Our vineyards are situated in different select locations with various elevation levels (from 500 m to over 1000 m above sea level), giving each vineyard its unique characteristics.
The wines originating from these vineyards are skillfully selected and blended to harmoniously complement each other in our wine selections.
The vineyards, spreading over approximately one hundred dunams (25 acres) produce an annual yield of some 80,000 bottles.
The newest vineyard, which saw its inaugural harvest in 2014, boasts fifty beautiful dunams at 750m above sea level in the Golan Heights’ east-central region.
Yoav Levy, the founder, winemaker, and owner of Bazelet HaGolan Winery, carefully monitors the vineyards throughout the year, ensuring that grapes are grown according to our strict specifications.
Over the years, we have cultivated expertise in the specifics of each vineyard and wine row.

Our Wine